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The Om Collection
Clothes for an active lifestyle.
The modern fast-paced world requires transitioning from one activity to the next quickly and efficiently.  Our clothes are comfortable, versatile and look great no matter where your life takes you.  Perfect for the beach, climbing a mountain, taking a yoga class or going to dinner with friends.  Look and feel fabulous in The OM Collection.

We have you covered as you travel the world.
Our clothes pack small and light.  Mix and match to create a unique and locationally appropriate style.  Wear our wild leggings for yoga, surfing or for a night on the town.  Our dresses can be dressed up for a fancy dinner or down to tour the sights. Feel confident that your OM collection will meet the needs of your journey.

Made with the environment in mind.
We produce our clothes in the USA or with a women's collective in Indonesia.  Whenever possible we use organic or recycled fabrics and include the environment in every decision we make.

G Adventures

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We're not your typical travel company.
G Adventures unites people from different backgrounds together to experience the world, fostering lasting social and individual change. We are a different kind of travel company for a different kind of traveler. We see travel as an instrument of change that fosters understanding between cultures and can make the world a better place for all people. We believe that travel can be a genuine force of good in the world, and that it is our responsibility—as a company and as individuals—to be the catalyst of that force.

More than a tour operator.
Nominally, G Adventures is a tour operator providing small-group travel experiences all over the world. But there's more to G Adventures than affordability and product depth. We are more than a tour operator. We are in the business of changing people's lives through the transformative power of travel.

Keeping it local.
G Adventures uses locally-owned and -operated accommodations wherever and whenever possible. We work with companies and organizations that provide tangible benefits to their communities. We meet our business needs by developing opportunities for local people. Tourism can make the world a better place. We've proven it.

But don’t take our word for it; hear from G travelers on what make us different. 

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